Hanover House
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Brickwork Repairs

At OJD Design & Build we’re used to routinely undertaking brickwork repairs whether it be bricking up an old opening or repairing cosmetic or structural damage.

We’ve created a brickwork section due to the large number of customers we’ve had over recent years looking for a competitive contractor with outstanding quality and customer care who wants to provide a VAT receipt. Remember all our work is guarnteed.

Needing brickwork repairs can often lead to home owners being worried and stressed. Please be assured we’re experts in our field and whatever your requirements we’ll have a solution that’s right for you. To arrange a quotation contact us here.

Here are some recent case studies of brickwork repairs we’ve completed allong with a brief description of the work undertaken.

Garage Repair

Here’s an accident that required a medium sized repair. As can be the case with outbuildings or elevations surrounding driveways; this garage had been caught by a vistor to the house. Unforunately the bricks were damaged so we had to get a good brick match (If you have enough bricks we can clean them off and reuse them when undertaking brickwork repairs)

To find out how we can help with your repair needs contact us here.

Impact Damage

Here’s one of those dreaded events that cause so many of our customers stress and upset. As you can see from the photos this home had been subject to moderate impact damage. We needed to quickly protect the structural integrity of the front elevation with AKRO props and then rebuild damaged brickwork.

New 1900’s Terrace

Here are some photos of a recent development site constructed in Liverpool we spent a number of weeks on site constructing what we feel are truly beautiful terraced houses with a nod of nostalgia towards the surrounding area.

If you’re looking to build a new home or build an extension contact us here to find out how we can help.

Replacement Sandstone

This was both cosmetic and structural. Sandstone pillars and lintels are a historic reminder of our 19th century heritage when large scale good quality traditional terraced housing was first build in Liverpool.

We enjoy the more unusual projects at JD General Builders and this is a recent example. We needed to replace old sandstone lintel with wider lintel, enabling the ability to widen the doorway for wheelchair access.

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Supporting Pillar

This is a recent brickwork pillar we had to rebuild for one of our commercial customers who required a premium facilities management solution.

With all the appropriate training, insurance, H&S information and procedures in place we’re able to meet PQQ requirements for any commercial customer.

Although the pillar was decorative and not carrying any weight, there was still a requirement from the client to remove the dangerous brickwork and have it rebuilt with the minimum disruption to a standard that demonstrated outstanding value for money.

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